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Shot Blasting Machine

Providing you the best range of portable blaster machine, suction air blast cabinets and pressure air blast cabinets with effective & timely delivery.
  • Portable Blaster Machine
  • Portable Blaster Machine
Portable Blaster Machine

Portable Blaster Machine

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BrandMetal Coat
Weight95 Kg
Blast Hose Length5Meter
Model NumberMPB-150
Abrasive Metallic Capacity150Kg.
Abrasive Sand Capacity65Kg
Abrasive Volume42L
Dimensions1110x360x95mm (HxDia)
Blast Hose ID19 mm
Air Hose ID19mm
Cleaning Rate3 - 4Sq. Mtr./Hour
Compressed Air Requirement1.2M/min.
Portable Blaster Machines are used by middle and Large-sized industries like the Auto Repair industry, PaintShops, Powder Coating Industry, Floor and Surface Cleaning Service Providers, and many more.

There are several types of media that can be used in sandblaster depending on the requirement and thesurface that has to be smoothened, roughen or cleaned such as Sand, Aluminum Oxide, Copper Slag, GlassBeads, Steel shots, Steel Grits, and many other.

  • Automatic Filling Valve
  • Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
  • Blast Hose
  • Abrasive On/Off Valve
  • Abrasive Sieving
  • Abrasive Tank Construction
  • Automatic Exhaust Valve
  • Air Filter & Pressure Gauge
  • Ball Valve
  • Continuous blast time of up to 45-50 minutes

Applications (where it is use) :
  • To blast clean the surface of floor tiles, slates, sand stone, marble chips for proper bonding with surface.
  • Creating design, surface etching & engraving on different types of stones.
  • Portability of machine helps it for cleaning huge monuments in a very less time.
  • Site blasting of huge components like heavy structure, tanks, pressure vessels, bridges, towers, pipes etc.
  • prior to repainting.
  • Descaling, deburring & deflashing of forged and die-cast components.
  • Removal of heat treatment scale, corrosion, rusting, scale formation, welding flux, carbon & minuscule in steel
  • components.
  • Steel fabrication can be de-scaled after welding or de-rusted, ready for painting on site using different media
  • depending on finish required.
  • Blast cleaning to remove scale, corrosion rust & paint from deck, hulls & super structure etc
  • Widely used in handicraft industries to give new look to metal as well as wooden items.

Operator Safety Wears
Safety Helmet
Light weight & comfortable with excellent vision. Rubberised FRP helmet provides the operator's head protection from safety crash and impact of abrasive and still allows a clear view through easily replaceable lens. It provides breathing air to operator to protect him from dust inhalation.

Air Breather
This is installed in between compressed air line originating from fitting to the operators helmets. Activated charcoal is contained in the breather unit which separates the oil traces from the compressed air and clean compressed air is fed to the operator’s helmet.
Helmet Air Conditioner

Air from the air breather isfed to the helmet air conditioner and air iscontained before it is fed to the helmet for breathing. It has also a regulator knob so that the operator can regulate the temperature of air fed to the helmet. It is self driven and doesn’t need external power.

Operator’s SuitGum Boot & Hand Gloves
  • A cotton fabric suit provides safety to operator's body against impact of flying abrasives and dust.
  • A pair of gum boots provides safety to operator's feet & ensures compliance to industrial safety regulation.
  • A pair of Hand Gloves provides safety to operator's hand and ensures compliance to industrial safety regulation.

Air Filter
Air Filter is designed to remove oil mists, water vapor and particulate up to 0.5 microns from breathing air. Air from compressor enters the filter through either of the two inlet ports. Moisture is removed by expansion in the outer chamber & drain out through a pet cock at the bottom of the unit.

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Suction Air Blast Cabinets

Suction Air Blast Cabinets

Rs 10,000  / UnitGet Best Price

Product Brochure

BrandMetal Coat
Country of OriginMade in India
Model NumberSB-6060
Working Chamber Dimension600x600x600mm (HxWxD)
Overall Dimensions1660x800x1500mm (HxWxD)
Nozzle Orifice6mm
Abrasive Storage Capacity28 L
Fan Capacity200CFM
Compressed Air Required25 cfm at 5.63 Kg./Sq. Cm (80 psi)
Air blast cabinets can take the form of a blast cabinet, the blast media is pneumatically accelerated by compressed air and projected by nozzles on to the component.

We manufacture Blasting Cabinets, which works on the principle of direct pressure blasting, inductionsuction blasting and slurry pumping. The blasting is done via Guns, as the abrasives are introduced using compressed air. This whole process is carried out in closed chambers ensuring safety and dust free blasting. The cabinets are fabricated from heavy gauge mild steel, so it can withstand bombarding of abrasives.

The abrasives are recollected and re-circulated in the chamber. Dust bags are also provided, to separate dust and debris from abrasives. For the shaking of Dust Bags, manual and motorized shaking is used.

Suction Blast Cabinets

It is based on the principle of Induction-Suction abrasive blasting. Best suitable for blast cleaning, de-burring, de-scaling, removing thin deposits on soft metal parts and de-flashing of plastic goods and molded components. It is also used to provide a matte finish. It is the simplest and most effective way for removing corrosion and old paint. The machine actuates by pressing the foot pedal, extracting air which mixes with the air and finally ejected via gun through nozzles.

Machines are used for:
  • Cleaning of impurities
  • Deburring
  • Hardening, shot peening
  • De-oxidation
  • Grazing for esthetical purposes
  • Paint removal
  • Surface preparation before painting, rubber coating etc.

Salient Features:
  • Easy vision: We provide large window glass (protected by a wire screen assembly). Also, high illumination
  • is used for clear visibility while blasting.
  • Gasketted Doors are provided with locking systems and are easy in operation. Slider doors are also
  • available.
  • The stand on which operator stands, is designed for relaxing working. Also, foot switch is provided for
  • operator for easy control.
  • Generally, all cabinets are rubber lined.
  • The operator can use both his hands via sealed hand holes for holding a gun, thus ensuring maximum
  • safety.
  • Simple in operation and ready to operate when connected to electrical and air supply. No erection required.
  • Easy fitment of spares, whenever required.
  • The environment is dust free because of dust collection assembly. Noise level is maintained at below 80
  • DBA. Also, proper ventilation is provided for easy visibility.

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Pressure Air Blast Cabinets

Pressure Air Blast Cabinets

Rs 10,000  / UnitGet Best Price

Product Brochure

BrandMetal Coat
Overall Dimensions2130x1100x2500mm (HxWxD)
Country of OriginMade in India
Model NumberPB-9182
Working Chamber Dimension775x910x820mm (HxWxD)
Nozzle Orifice5mm
Abrasive Storage Capacity28L
Fan Capacity500 CFM
Pressure Air Blast Cabinets
It is based on direct pressure principle of blasting. The pressure blaster produces high abrasive velocity which results in completing the job at a faster rate. A pressure vessel, directly bolted below a hopper of a cabinet, has an automatic abrasive refilling arrangement. It is recommended for removing heavy and thick scales, de-burring and de flashing is done by selecting medium and coarse grain.

Abrasive Media
Abrasive media for shot blasting equipment is used for a wide variety of applications including abrasive blasting, shot peening, deburring, polishing, and other surface finish processes. The abrasive media are available in a wide range of types, hardness, grit and mesh sizes.

Application Area / To Be Used For:
  • Cleaning
  • Paint and Coating Striping
  • Deflashing
  • Removing Machine Marks
  • Edge Rounding
  • Surface Preparation
  • Scale and/or Rust Removal
  • Non-Skid Coatings

Aluminum Oxide Grit 

Aluminum Oxide Grit is a sharp, long lasting abrasive media that is highly efficient and highly reusable. Harder than most blast media, Aluminum Oxide Blast Media, will clean and etch quickly on all type of surfaces. Mesh Size: 12 - 240, Size mm : 1.40 - 0.06

Steel Shot

Steel Shot is ideal for peening applications to impart a clean, smooth finish. This dense, smooth media can be used up to 3,000 times and produces minimal dust during the blasting process. Mesh Size: 8 - 52, Size mm : 2.00 - 0.30.

Chilled Iron Grit

Chilled iron is a hard abrasive making it suitable for etching purposes, but less resistant to impact. It is suitable to be used in blast rooms for fast cleaning and edging. Mesh Size: 8 - 120, Size mm : 2.00 - 0.09.

Glass Bead
Glass Beads are a round, spherical media that produce a clean, bright, peened, satin finish, without dimensional change of the parts. It used for blasting, peening, honing, cleaning, and light deburring. Mesh Size: 18 - 350, Size mm : 0.85 - 0.04.

Steel Grit
Steel Grit is an angular, carbon steel media designed for quick and effective removal of surface contaminants and coatings. Steel Grit is softer than other media and is less likely to fracture leaving an etched finish. Mesh Size: 12 - 52, Size mm : 1.40 - 0.30.

Chilled Iron Shot
Chilled iron shots are round shape having white structure made from cast iron scrap. These are widely used for cleaning in foundries, in castings for sand removal , removing old paints, blasting of stone etc. Mesh Size: 8 - 52, Size mm : 2.00 - 0.30

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